Soolkaama works with teams within an organisation to understand operational pain points. We will set you up with free open source digital tools in the work environment to help automate tasks and team functions. There are many simple tools that can make your team’s daily task management a lot simpler.


Project Management

Soolkaama can set up free open source project management tools that could help automate day to day time consuming managerial work. Not only can you save time by eliminating menial tasks, but having a system gives you clear visibility on the progress of various activities. It can also help in maintaining records of team communications regarding a particular task all in one place. You will not have to look through your email and WhatsApp chats to find out what was discussed in that meeting held last month. With a clear visibility of the team’s progress on various tasks, the managerial team can focus on open and transparent communications with the stakeholders and avoid last minute awkward conversations.

Process Management

Soolkaama can help you identify and fix internal bottlenecks that lead to issues such as inaccurate time and money estimates, miscommunications within distributed teams and unreasonable overheads in managing routine tasks. We can help streamline and automate several internal operations that will free up time for your lean team and increase productivity. With these tools your managers can drive accountability and iron out any hick-ups in hand over of tasks between teams.

Catalog Management

Soolkaama with setup catalog management applications for your team to collate all creative collateral in one place. These tools can help you organise your assets and ensure they could be quickly located when needed. Contributors such as beneficiaries, sponsors, team members etc. can all add content into this centralised repository. Facilitating such democratisation of the content creation process has immense cost savings for the organisation.

Team work

Communication is key to consistently get work done on time. The teams in the social sector have excellent field knowledge to interact with beneficiaries, but inadequate managerial skills to communicate effectively with clients or even at times with each other. Miscommunications arising from such situations is often the cause for missed deadlines or disgruntled customers. Soolkaama can work with your team to develop customised processes and digital solutions that simplify and encourage team work. 


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