Soolkaama works with internal teams within an organisation to understand operational pain points. We implement simple digital tools in the work environment to help automate tasks and team functions. There are many simple tools that can make your team’s daily task management a lot simpler.

Project Management

For time and cost bound projects, implement standard project management tools that help plan, design, implement and test solutions with consistency in quality of deliverables. This will make sure your clients are always in the loop regarding the progress of your work and your partners can provide timely assistance where issues need to be resolved quickly to ensure deadlines are not missed. Dependencies between tasks are also identified further ensuring the team always stays updated on the progress of the overall work.

Process Management

We can help you identify and fix internal bottlenecks that lead to issues such as inaccurate time and money estimates, miscommunications within distributed teams and unreasonable overheads in managing routine tasks. We streamline internal operations by introducing simple open source applications in your work environment that automate task management activities that help teams stay on top of priorities. With these tools your managers can hold individual team members accountable to tasks they own and smooth out any hick-ups in delegating tasks from one person to another.

Catalog Management

Using catalog management applications your team can collate all creative collateral related to your organisation in one place. These tools can help you organise your assets in a disciplined manner by allowing one to create tags, keywords etc. to ensure assets are quickly located when needed. Contributors such as beneficiaries, sponsors, team. members etc. can also add content into the system thereby democratising the task of content creation while keeping it from being overwhelming. Once set up, your organisation can conveniently outsource the work of creating professional looking deliverable to be sent out to potential clients/customers.

Team work

Communication is key to get work done within an organisation on time consistently. The teams in the social sector have excellent field knowledge to interact with beneficiaries, but lack managerial skills to communicate effectively with clients or even at times with each other. Miscommunications arising from such situations is often the cause for missed deadlines or disgruntled customers. Soolkaama can work with your team to develop standard templates for communications that ensure teams are able to interact with other and with external parties in an unambiguous manner with clearly outlining problems and potential solutions.

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