Soolkaama can help you develop an advertising strategy to improve sales and also develop creative collateral to be used for the advertising. We will work with you to determine online advertising budgets and provide a cost optimised plan to promote your organisation. Our key focus is to make sure you spend the least amount of money to obtain maximum reach

Editorial Content

  • Develop content appropriate for commercial advertising
  • Films and photography developed using state of the art professional gear and lights.
  • Campaign shoots involving sets, props, models, stylists to ensure the creative has maximum impact

Social Media

  • Customised social media tools – Ensure your teams do not have to stress about figuring out content required to be posted online
  • Analyse social media content to improve your reach
  • Customised social media tools to ease aggregation of user generated content that is relevant to your audience
  • Ensure audience engagement is optimal by constantly analysing social media performance and improving post quality


  • Set revenue goals and identify target funders/customers
  • Create customised proposals
  • Develop a marketing strategy that is inline with growth goals of your organisation
  • Concrete next steps to make sure teams know activities to perform in order to achieve set goals.


  • Set revenue goals and determine measurable success outcomes to ensure the organisation is on-track to achieve those goals.
  • Create micro budgets for online advertising that are optimised to deliver maximum reach for the least amount

Below you can scroll through some of the work Soolkaama has done in this area