Primary Teacher Training College

Kibuli & Busikho, Uganda

Developed plan to recruit local photographers for stock content and strategy to eliminate licensing expenses for creatives

A British Council commissioned research study on teacher training colleges in Uganda. This study examined levels of English amongst student primary school teachers in both rural and urban areas as well as the quality of input they were receiving at the colleges. The purpose of the photography commission was to document the research, giving it added validity, as well as to add depth and accessibility to the reporting of the findings to a wider audience. Soolkaama consultant spent a few days in the teacher training colleges, following the work of the researchers and developing content to illustrate the main subject areas of the research, such as classroom practice, and general conditions in the college.

Local marcoms teams preferred to develop local creatives for annual reports and online promotions instead of relying on stock imagery which seldom contributed towards an inaccurate representation of the local community.