Samaj Pragait Sahayog (SPS), Bagli, MP, India

Branding, Advertising, Content and Catalog management. Workshops on producing creative collateral for marketing using locally available resources. Tools to manage tasks and advertising related activities with existing resources.

Kumbaya is a textile based social venture run by women from one of the most remote, marginalised and economically deprived regions of India. The uniqueness of the venture is the creation of a new craft based skill and employment opportunity in a predominantly agrarian region. Kumbaya has  been teaching and employing women to sew fabrics.

Although this region had no cultural history per-se about the craft they were engaged in, the team failed to capitalise on the general heritage of the region and the artistic history of the people who are producing the crafts. As one of the main goals of this venture is empowerment of women and the disabled, most of the stories about brand Kumbaya are around these aspects of their work. While it is important to highlight these stories, it is equally important to present the people as a proud people. The pride lies in history of the people.

Soolkaama worked with the local team and helped them develop processes to manage in-house content development. We also helped create a structure to better understand the brand proposition. This aided in creation of a messaging strategy that was true to the ethos of the brand. The messaging strategy enabled the team to put in place an advertising plan they could execute without external help.