Document Research and Program Delivery

Primary Teacher Training College, Kibuli & Busikho

Uganda – Research

A British Council commissioned research study on teacher training colleges in Uganda. This study examined levels of English amongst student primary school teachers in both rural and urban areas as well as the quality of input they were receiving at the colleges. The purpose of the photography commission was to document the research, giving it added validity, as well as to add depth and accessibility to the reporting of the findings to a wider audience. Soolkaama consultant spent a few days in the teacher training colleges, following the work of the researchers and developing content to illustrate the main subject areas of the research, such as classroom practice, and general conditions in the college.

Sherkole Refugee Camp -Assosa

Ethiopia – Research

A commission by a University College London student, conducting research on Communities of Practice (CoP) amongst teachers of refugees in Assosa,  Eastern Ethiopia.  The research took place in a camp where approximately 20,000 refugees have been living for on average 17 years.  The refugees come from a diverse range of cultures including Sudan, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Eritrea.  The teachers taking part in the research were all from the refugee population and have had very little formal input on teaching methodology. Soolkaama was commissioned to sensitively document the research taking place and record a clear picture of the context of the refugee camp and the primary school.

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Manav Foundation, Mumbai

India – Program Delivery

I think we’ll be able to benefit substantially from many of your ideas and learn different ways of optimising the potential of the cyber platform and all it offers, so thank you again, for making the time and for your interest in engaging actively with us.
Binaifer Jessia, Director

MANAV Foundation runs a therapeutic facility for the rehabilitation of people living with mental illness. Soolkaama works with the organisation regularly to document the work being done there. Being sensitive to the cause, we take care to produce work that is dignifying, uplifting and most of all respectful to the people being documented.

Ugandan Fashion Council, Kampala

Uganda – Program Delivery

Soolkaama was approached by the Ugandan Fashion Council to develop a project using local talent in order to produce content for the promotion of their upcoming Kampala Fashion Week (2017) in Uganda.

We created a team comprising of local designers, modelling talents who were sought asylum in Uganda but originally hailed from DRC and South Sudan and a support crew of budding Ugandan photographers. Soolkaama shared behind the scenes, lessons of planning and executing a fashion shoot, and working with constraints of minimal gear. The shoot utilised locally available resources to create interesting lighting, sets and make-up options.

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